Invisalign® The Clear Alternative To Traditional Braces

Invisalign allows you to live life normally!

Invisalign®: Braces Incognito

Have you been putting off straightening your teeth because you’ve been dreading the metal mouth, rubber-banded standard braces? Invisalign® in Issaquah, WA is here to save you from hulking, “wire hanger” metal braces. You can now camouflage your teeth straightening, and with less pain and annoyance using clear braces.


Invisalign® in Issaquah, WA is an “alignment tray system”. They’re clear plastic trays custom-molded for different stages of adjustment that are a less conspicuous alternative to the old-school metal mouth. You wear a tray for approximately two weeks, and then move on to the next alignment stage tray. This cuts down on painful “adjustment” appointments because the tray does the adjustments for you, saving you time and irritation.

Invisalign® in Issaquah, WA is far more comfortable than traditional braces - no more irritated gums and cheeks. Self-conscious smiles full of wire and rubber are a thing of the past, so schedule to see Dr. Santiago and see why is the best alternative to traditional braces.

Living Life Normally

With this straightening method you can remove the tray to brush your teeth normally - no more frustration in front of the mirror digging food out of your braces. With metal braces you run the risk of plaque buildup and tooth decay if you don’t clean your teeth properly. But with Invisalign® in Issaquah, WA, cleaning is easy and you don’t have to worry about what foods you eat. Popcorn? Sure. Pizza? Yes. Peanuts? Absolutely. Corn on the cob, carrots, doughy bagels? Yes, yes, yes.

Straightening out your smile has never been so easy, comfortable and covert.

All The Services You Need Under One Roof

At Santiago Dental Wellness, we believe visit to a dental office should be an amazing, friendly experience. At Santiago Dental Wellness, we want you to feel like part of our team. From your first visit with Dr. Kimberly and Dr. Jed Santiago, you will be treated with care, respect and comfort. We offer a range of services from general to cosmetic dentistry. We strive to serve the majority of your dental related needs so you can maintain a healthy, happy smile.

Are You Looking For A Dentist That Listens?

Many people had the experience of visiting a dentist in Issaquah, WA who was more interested in completing procedures than in providing trustworthy, understanding-based care for patients. Our philosophy is to always listen to your needs in a supportive, non-judgemental manner. You can trust us to recommend treatments that we feel will be best for you based on your preferred lifestyle. That is our pledge, and it is what makes us unique among dentists in Issaquah, WA.

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"I found Santiago Wellness in a Google search when I first moved to Issaquah and decided to try based on positive reviews. I had just gotten dental insurance and hadn't seen a dentist in years... So I was pretty scared. The whole staff was warm, comforting and really made the experience as pleasant as possible. The pride they take in their work (receptionists to hygienists to dentists) shows through its quality and the level of care for their patients. Love it!" ~ Nicole Hicks
"Have gone here since I was very young and have always felt comfortable. Dentists are very helpful and understanding (especially of the circumstances of braces)! Would highly recommend for anyone seeking a caring dental practice and squeaky clean teeth." ~ Carmen Schafer
I have been going to Dr Santiago for years and have always received excellent service! They are very prompt and booking an appointment, even one in the upcoming weeks, has never been a problem. The staff are all very friendly and extremely conscientious! I definitely recommend Santiago Dentistry! ~ Elixe Peyroux

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General dentists Dr. Kimberly Santiago and Dr. Jed Santiago are proud to serve the communities of Issaquah, Sammamish, Bellevue, Preston, Northbend, Snoqualmie and the surrounding areas.

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