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We know choosing a new family dentist can be stressful. It's important that you feel confident and comfortable with your new dentist and we want you to know, we understand! We never want you to feel anxious or nervous about any aspect of your dental care.

Below are some common issues our patients discuss with us.

Dental Sedation Techniques

Are you one of the many people who experience “dental dread”? Whether you bear only a mild nervousness or you’re someone who suffers sweaty palms, a racing heart and swarms of terror in your gut at the thought of the dentist, we have two painless sedation options for you – or a combination of the two. Choosing a sedation method will help you have a more stress-free experience.


You’re certainly not alone if pain is a concern when visiting the dentist. But we are here to dissolve that worry and make your appointment a painless one.

We use a method of injecting anesthetic that doesn’t sting, and we offer a topical anesthetic before we administer the anesthetic as an extra precaution. With state-of-art materials and the latest techniques, we can make your visit more pleasant than ever before.

If nerves are your burden, we offer two sedation options to put your mind and body at ease. They’re safe and painless ways to make your experience more stress-free.

We encourage you to talk with us about your anxieties and worries and together we’ll find comfort for you.


It’s a shame we have to put a price on a dazzling smile, but we feel our price is fair and competitive for the quality and expertise that you get. Your healthy mouth and brilliant teeth are worth quality care and materials that last.

After a full evaluation of your dental needs we can discuss costs and payment options. If you have dental insurance, that’s a good place to start. It will depend on the procedure and your carrier as to what insurance will pay. We also accept CareCredit and Springstone and can help you get signed up.


While most insurances are accepted at Santiago Dental Wellness, each coverage plan is unique. We will help you wade through the complexity of your insurance to maximize your allowable benefits and provide several methods of payment for any of your remaining investment.

Have You Been Delaying Your Dental Appointments?

While most insurances are accepted at Santiago Dental Wellness, each coverage plan is unique. We will help you wade through the complexity of your insurance to maximize your allowable benefits and provide several methods of payment for any of your remaining investment.

It is not uncommon for people of all ages to delay their dental appointments because they feel they cannot pay for their treatments. This can lead to serious problems, as at-home brushing and flossing regimens cannot reach all the plaque and calculus build-up in the mouth. Only twice-yearly dental office cleanings can ensure that the teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned.

If you have put off going to the dentist, we want to share with you our solutions for paying for the procedures that will keep your mouth in great shape. Contact us today when you make your appointment to learn more.

Payment Options

The following payment options are routinely accepted at our office in Issaquah, WA.

  • Cash, personal checks (with identification) and money orders. Payment in cash may result in up to 5 percent discount.
  • Major credit cards.
  • Some major insurance providers including PPOs such as Delta Dental, Regence and Premera. We will help you fill out any paperwork, and can find out if your carrier will cover a portion or all of your next dental procedure.
  • Major credit cards.
  • Third-party financing. Both of our doctors participate in well-respected third-party financing programs CareCredit and Springstone.

Find out more by calling our Issaquah dentist office today.

Time Frames

Different procedures require different time frames, but depending on your needs and realistic expectations, we can work to develop a suitable schedule. After a thorough evaluation of your dental health we can discuss what we recommend and come to an agreement on a time frame that pleases you.


Giving specific numbers on the longevity of cosmetic and restorative work is tricky. So many variables affect the longevity of your man-made dental work. Factors to be considered are:

  • Bite Pattern - an uneven bite pattern can prematurely wear on your dental work.
  • Diet - Do you smoke? Drink alcohol? Eat and drink sugary foods? A “yes” to any of these questions can contribute to shortening the life of your restoration.
  • Habits - Consistent actions like grinding or clenching your teeth, or nail biting can damage your dental work.
  • Oral Health - How well you take care of all your teeth will play a part in your dental work’s longevity. Poor oral health will trim life off your natural and artificial teeth.
  • General Health - Being in good overall health with help keep your implants healthy, too.

The best answer is that we consider our restorations durable and long-term. We understand that this level of dental work is an investment and we want to make your investment a wise and excellent one for you.

  • Bonding – 10+ years
  • Veneers – 10-20 years
  • Bridges – 5-15 years
  • Dentures – 5-10 years
  • Implants – Possible lifetime

We Are Always Accepting Great New Patients Like You

Santiago Dental Wellness would like to welcome you to join our Issaquah dental practice family. Our goal is simple-to provide you with an overwhelmingly positive experience while we deliver you exceptional detistry for your whole family. To ensure that you are receiving the latest in dental advancements, Drs. Kimberly and Jed Santiago have attended extensive continuing education courses.

Comprehensive Dental Treatment Starts with Conversation

Every visit with the team at Santiago Dental Wellness includes in-depth discussion about you, your concerns and your desires surrounding your dental care. This helps us ensure that you have an active hand in your healthcare. For pediatric pations (whom we love to introduce to dental treatments!), we always talk with parents or guardians before and after any treatments to maintain an open line of communication.

All The Services You Need Under One Roof

At Santiago Dental Wellness, we believe visit to a dental office should be an amazing, friendly experience. At Santiago Dental Wellness, we want you to feel like part of our team. From your first visit with Dr. Kimberly and Dr. Jed Santiago, you will be treated with care, respect and comfort. We offer a range of services from general to cosmetic dentistry. We strive to serve the majority of your dental related needs so you can maintain a healthy, happy smile.

Are You Looking For A Dentist That Listens?

Many people had the experience of visiting a dentist in Issaquah, WA who was more interested in completing procedures than in providing trustworthy, understanding-based care for patients. Our philosophy is to always listen to your needs in a supportive, non-judgemental manner. You can trust us to recommend treatments that we feel will be best for you based on your preferred lifestyle. That is our pledge, and it is what makes us unique among dentists in Issaquah, WA.

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"I found Santiago Wellness in a Google search when I first moved to Issaquah and decided to try based on positive reviews. I had just gotten dental insurance and hadn't seen a dentist in years... So I was pretty scared. The whole staff was warm, comforting and really made the experience as pleasant as possible. The pride they take in their work (receptionists to hygienists to dentists) shows through its quality and the level of care for their patients. Love it!" ~ Nicole Hicks
"Have gone here since I was very young and have always felt comfortable. Dentists are very helpful and understanding (especially of the circumstances of braces)! Would highly recommend for anyone seeking a caring dental practice and squeaky clean teeth." ~ Carmen Schafer
I have been going to Dr Santiago for years and have always received excellent service! They are very prompt and booking an appointment, even one in the upcoming weeks, has never been a problem. The staff are all very friendly and extremely conscientious! I definitely recommend Santiago Dentistry! ~ Elixe Peyroux

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